Claire Linic

is an author


freelance writer

and something of a fossil expert.

Claire Linic's Videos

The one that didn't get away. Starring: Claire & Alan Linic Directed by: Mitchell Lyon Shot by: Benjamin Holland Narration: J. Alan Brown
The fear becomes reality. Starring: Claire Linic, Alan Linic, John Thibodeaux and Liz Reuss Written by: Alan Linic and Claire Linic Directed by: Mitchell Lyon Produced by: Fortunate Pictures and Calamity Group
Better up your reference level game, son. Starring: Patrick Rowland, Maria Randazzo, Scott Morehead, Claire Linic and Alan Linic Written By: Alan Linic & Claire Linic Directed By: Mitchell Lyon Production Sound: Benjamin Holland Sound Design: Riley Friesen Produced By: Calamity Group and Fortunate Pictures

Written by and Starring: Claire Linic

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